Take advantage of no shipping or tax (we pay it all) as they are all included until these non-business people figure out how to set up an online print shop.
Place your order. You can send us a check or Stripe is available now for making a payment once you make a selection.  if you wish to place an order, go to the print and simply click on it.  If there are choices, they will be available in the Choice drop down box. Note the print number and prices on the print so that if you run into any issues,  you can email us at  client_care@contemporaryartmultiples.com    We'll contact you within an hour of receiving an email. We are setting up the ability to choose varying grades of materials so that you can choose canvas, heavy cotton rag fiber paper or simply a nice (less expensive) archival paper.  In our experience, our earliest prints (1990) are still vibrant and jewel-like today. Some original work is available as noted.
You can expect your prints to arrive carefully and correctly packed and insured within seven to ten days. We can ship more quickly if it is needed.  If there are damages during shipping or if there is something wrong with the print you receive (remember that the human hand touches these prints, the artist signs them, and the human mark is part of art)  you may return it  and receive refund within 5 days of receipt.  We encourage you to refuse delivery if print is damaged during shipping.
Yes, we accept checks! We are setting up paypal link here. It will be available soon.  Meanwhile, Stripe is a safe and secure way to pay. We respond quickly! Cheers!

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